Radio-frequency Facial Benefits

Welcome to another of my BLOGS where I give an overview and insight into some of the treatments available at your clinic or salon.  Today I am going to look at Radiofrequency Facial and what benefits a potential client can look forward to!

Of course, many people (both men and women) want to slow down or reduce the signs of ageing. Younger people may look to Instagram for inspiration, a word of caution here, it has become more obvious that certain influencers have been caught out as they have photoshopped their image, meaning that their “looks” are not necessarily obtainable or achievable, so anyone considering any Aesthetic procedure should not be influenced by the aforementioned and also copying someone else means you are not really considering your individual needs and requirements, Aesthetic procedures are available to improve and enhance your own looks and the results can provide that feel good factor!  

We all know that plastic or cosmetic surgery is both expensive and can be “time consuming” before and after surgery with recovery time sometimes being considerable.  Where Aesthetic procedures may not last as long, they are less expensive do not always require any downtime and perhaps the most important factor is that they are not invasive and therefore carry far less risk in terms of infection.

Radiofrequency Facial is one of the procedures that is non-invasive, meaning there are not incisions or cuts being made making a client prone to infection or cross contamination. The treatment is designed for lifting and tightening the face and also the neck.   What is also a positive factor is that this treatment is suitable for all skin types and skin tones/colours.    The treatment can also be applied to the body.     The treatment is applied using devices that deliver different types of energy and this differs according to the device and electrodes used during the procedure.  

In quite a few of my previous BLOGS I have mentioned that the signs of ageing arise due to the fact that many of the natural substances found in our bodies begin to decrease with age, elastin, collagen all slowly decline which then cause wrinkles, creases to form, our skin becomes less “elastic” and begins to sag.   With many treatments, including this one, it encourages and promotes, and also accelerates the production of collagen, as this takes place the skin texture and tone improves and therefore fine lines, wrinkles begin to be less visible.  The treatment will improve skin laxity, providing improved contours and more of a youthful appearance and natural look.   The treatment is also suitable for dealing with crepe like skin, crow’s feet, and jowls.   Sun damage, which many of us experience as a result of not using the right strength SPF sunscreen (something that will be discussed relating to aftercare during a consultation).   Another of the benefits that should be noted is that it will improve the absorption of skin care products, this has the added benefit it that your products will be more effective, and of course means they may last a bit longer as you will be using quite the same quantity.  Also, a potential client will be made aware that blood circulation will improve, this means “An improvement in blood circulation provides muscles with increased levels of oxygen and essential nutrients that are used for the repair of damaged muscle fibres and cells. Improving blood and lymphatic circulation therefore helps to decrease swelling, reduce pain and increase healing.” (Source: Wikipedia)

This treatment will require certain measures being taken prior to treatment, in this case a week before, which include reducing the intake of toxins, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine (maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also important following treatment and we know that doctors are always encouraging us to consider abstaining or stopping certain habits deemed harmful to our overall health).  Increasing fluid (water) intake and clients should consume at least 2 litres per day).  No other facial treatments should be considered and proceed when booking this treatment.  Direct exposure to the sun, sunbeds and tanning facilities should be avoided.  24 hours before the treatment, no consumption of sugary drinks, the abstention from alcohol is underlined again, and also the consumption of water is reinforced.  On the day of the treatment no make-up should be worn, this includes lotions and creams as well.

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