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Cavitation Manual


To ensure that student practitioners have the required skills and knowledge to complete the procedure for Cavitation and to ensure that the procedure is carried out to the highest professional standards including the consultation process.


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Our Ultrasonic Cavitation Editable Manual is fully editable, it can be used to teach therapists everything they need to perform the treatment. 

Our documents make it as easy as possible for you to brand it with your own logo, and colour scheme. 

Not only that, but it takes away your time creating manuals which are eligible for UK accreditation. 

Once you buy this Manual it will be available to download, from your email (please ensure you check the email provided is correct). 

Don’t forget to get your manuals accredited so your students can get insurance and so your certificates can include an accreditation logo. 

Our documents make it as easy as possible for you to brand it with your own logo, and colour scheme. Not only that, but it takes away your time creating manuals, which are eligible for UK accreditation. 

• Easily editable 

• Instant access 

• Made for professionals by professionals 

• Time Saving 

Purchase our Ultrasonic Cavitation Editable Manual, TODAY! 

We also sell all of our manuals in a HARD-COPY format! 

This Ultrasonic Cavitation Editable Manual that will get you ready to teach your students, effectively and efficiently throughout their course! 

The Ultrasonic Cavitation Editable Manual contains: 

• Health and Safety 

• First Aid 

• Anatomy & Physiology 

• Body Fat and Cellulite 

• Lymphatic System 

• Sterilisation Methods 

• Client Consultation 

• What is Ultrasonic Cavitation? 

• How does Ultrasonic Cavitation work? 

• Benefits of Ultrasonic Cavitation 

• Radiofrequency Energy 

• Ultrasound Energy 

• Bosy-shaping with RF 

• Science behind Ultrasonic Cavitation 

• Bi-Polar, Multi-Polar and Mono-Polar 

• Types of Radiofrequency 

• What is a good Ultrasonic Cavitation Machines 

• Device Use 

• Duration of Treatments 

• Client Selection 

• Body Types 

• Areas that can be treated 

• Preparation 

• Machine Set up 

• Contraindications 

• Side Effects 

• Step by Step Treatment Procedure 

• Sessions 

• Insurnace 

• Troubleshooting 

• Pre-Treatment Care 

• Aftercare 

The Ultrasonic Cavitation Editable Manual is a very good manual to teach from if you have students that are very inclined towards aesthetic courses and which ones are the best for your body. This manual can help you teach students another way of conducting aesthetic treatments and add this to your portfolio! 

A little bit about us: 

Here at Skin Lab Medical Academy Manuals, we have teamed up with professionals in the beauty industry to create bespoke manuals so you can get on with the important parts of your business. 

Our fully editable manuals are an ideal, time-saving option for anyone looking to expand their training academy, without having to worry about spending too long on creating their resources. 

All of our manuals have been tried and tested by experienced beauty specialists, who know exactly the in-depth information that’s needed for trainers to gain the most from their courses. 

Over the years of their years of training, they’ve come across many bad training manuals. And after over 20 years of experience in the industry, the Skin Lab Medical Academy Manuals are here to help overcome poorly written manuals for future aspiring training professionals. 


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