Jawline Slimming for improved appearance.

Having a square jaw is considered a masculine feature and is usually accepted as a “good” or positive feature for the male gender.  However, for females having a jawline that is considered masculine is not particularly flattering. What is desired is a more defined feminine jawline that makes the facial features more oval, and narrow giving an improved appearance and without doubt more feminine.

This type of procedure is also referred to as masseters reduction.  The masseter muscles can be found in the angle of the jaw.  They are the muscles responsible and related to chewing food.  Now as suggested in the male gender a strong jawline is considered to be accepted, and in some cases in some females, anatomy provides a strong jaw muscle.  There is however a condition that makes the masseter muscles more developed (or over developed) causing the jawline to be more pronounced.  This is known as Bruxism.  This causes grinding the teeth (this can be habitual and during sleep so there is no “control” of the action) and clenching of the teeth.  Not only does this grinding and clenching of the teeth occur at night, but it also occurs when someone is concentrating (this may be as a result of stress, whilst driving or even reading! This results in the square jaw but may be accompanied with painful symptoms and the possibility of more serious complications developing.  Many people may experience this but be completely unaware of that they are exhibiting these signs or symptoms (particularly as figures suggest that this occurs more frequently at night and during sleep).  Treatments that have applied to this condition where an individual may encounter discomfort and pain, include physiotherapy and medical aids (such as splints).   Bruxism is caused by hypertrophic growth of the masseter muscles which results in a square jawline (or wider looking face).

What is involved in Jawline slimming using the neurotoxin Botulinum type A?  It is a safe and effective which is non-surgical and therefore less invasive where injections of the toxins are placed into the large masseter muscles this relaxes the muscles, it will also significantly reduce teeth grinding and the hypertrophy (growth) of the masseter muscles. 

The procedure is highly effective, with minimal or no pain and absolutely no downtime at all. Face slimming and jaw reduction effect is seen at any time between 2 to 8 weeks.

The Practitioner will prior to treatment arrange for a consultation where in addition to completing and responding to questions regarding a clients’ medical history they will discuss your treatment, examine your face, and plan about how to proceed and determine whether your expected outcome can be achieved.  A client should always remember to have a realistic expectation and if too unrealistic then your practitioner will advise accordingly.

They will schedule an appointment for your treatment and will advise of any precautionary measures that you may need to take. If, however you are pregnant or breastfeeding they will recommend you delay the treatment.

The treatment itself will or usually takes approximately 15-20 minutes.  The Practitioner may offer an anaesthetic in the form of a topical numbing cream or ointment prior to the injections this will alleviate any discomfort experienced, although most clients do not report any pain or discomfort by the injections.  The practitioner will inject small doses of the botulinum into the masseter muscles, and this will be applied to both sides of the face, the client reports positive results in relation to thinning of the jawline but also indicates that the procedure has not had any negative impact on chewing or affecting their facial expressions.   The client will see results anytime between two to eight weeks.  There is no downtime (or recovery time), and a client can continue their daily routine following the procedure.

The results will create a narrower and more oval looking face, which in turn will “create” more prominent cheekbones and chin which results in a more feminine look and will achieve the desired outcome.   The treatment will last for approximately three to four months (possibly slightly longer) with a repeat treatment (the practitioner will advise regarding this) four to eight weeks later to ensure the best possible results.  A follow up consultation will also be scheduled. Most clients see significant improvements over the course of the year and less injections of the botulinum will be required. This is because the muscles are more relaxed and atrophy (this is decrease in size of the muscle) takes effect.  A Practitioner may also suggest or recommend a treatment that will complement and improve the results during a consultation such as using fillers (chin sculpting) again providing more definition to the facial contours.

Will a client experience any side effects?  A client may encounter some side effects, but these are minimal as the procedure is both safe and effective in dealing with Bruxism and creating a more feminine jawline.  These may vary from client to client, but possible side effects would include minor headaches, redness/ bruising at the injection site, muscle stiffness and possible weakness, slight difficulty when chewing (although this is not often cited by clients). May be a slight dysfunction with speech and smiling and possibly a dry mouth (this could be compared to the after-effects of visiting the dentist and having an anaesthetic).  Clients would be advised not to lay down immediately after the procedure (for at least four hours) and as with all Botox applications clients should not massage the treated area(s).

If a client experiences any of the following feeling feverish (showing signs of a fever), experiencing severe pain, swelling of the face or indications of an allergic reaction, breathlessness, rash then they should seek medical assistance immediately.   It should be noted however that this rarely occurs and may be the result in a client not providing all medical details (which is why a consultation with a professional and qualified practitioner is necessary).  Also, at this point I should point out that individuals who may try to self-administer and purchase products online put themselves at extreme risks as they cannot guarantee the quality or the ingredients in the products so this should be avoided, and a reliable and suitable salon or clinic should be sought.

The latter may be through recommendation from family, friends, or work colleagues (and this means that a salon comes with a personal recommendation which does usually provide a potential client with more confidence), but a prospective client may decide to research for themselves to find a local salon or clinic with the right credentials, suitably qualified and trained staff, one that is properly insured (always ensure this is in place) and also has excellent reviews.   Salons and clinics advertise their businesses via the WWW, social media platforms and local press.  They may have special promotions or invitations to events where you can visit and see the amenities and gain the assurance that it meets all the required Health and Safety standards.

I hope that this BLOG has provided you with enough information about jawline slimming and if you decide this is for you, I hope you will find the salon of your choice and feel more confident and self-assured when you see your expected outcome come to life!

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