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  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Last Update March 29, 2021


The course is specifically designed to provide trainee practitioners and students with all the required knowledge and skills to provide the treatment for Microblading.
It contains all the modules to ensure that the practitioner will require from Health and Safety to Practical application of the procedure.

Objective: To guarantee that those completing the course will possess all the necessary skills and knowledge to perform Microblading treatment in a professional and confident manner. The trainer will ensure that you on completion of the course that you are fully equipped in the procedure and that you possess a solid foundation for the future. The course is fully accredited (CPD) and on satisfactory completion of the course you will receive the appropriate certificate for practice.

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What Will I Learn?

  • 1. Health and Safety and legislation: The practitioner must be fully conversant with all aspects of Health and Safety in the workplace environment to guarantee both the safety of clients and colleagues. It will cover aspects relating to disposal of waste and sharps (needles), maintaining the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene and Insurance.
  • 2. Anatomy and Physiology: In all Aesthetic Beauty Treatments the practitioner must be fully acquainted with the anatomy and physiology of the area being treated. This knowledge will ensure that the practitioner is skilled in recognising arteries, blood vessels, veins, and muscular structure of the face.
  • 3. The Consultation process: Practitioners must arrange and perform a consultation process to ensure that all relevant information is collated and recorded. It is important that this process be performed professionally and accurately so the course will go through the various stages of the Consultation Process to guarantee that it is completed with all the relevant information necessary so a treatment can be performed safely and achieve the desired outcome. The Module will also include the protocol for patch testing. This will also include information relevant to Insurance required.
  • 4. Colour Analysis: This module will provide the relevant knowledge of colours used in the Microblading Procedure and includes identifying skin tones (Fitzpatrick Scale), colour options and blending the inks to achieve the desired outcome.
  • 5. Anesthetising: Some procedures will require a mild anaesthetic to be applied this may require needles or in some procedures a numbing cream will be applied. These will be discussed.
  • 6. Aligning the Eyebrows: When performing Microblading the practitioner will measure and outline the brow position to ensure that the results are accurately “defined” before the procedure so that the desired outcome is achieved. This is an important module as this skill needs to be perfected and practitioners are comfortable with the latest techniques.
  • 7. Aftercare: As with all Aesthetic Beauty Treatments the clients should understand the need for the perfect aftercare to maintain their treatment results so this module will cover the various products and applications that will retain the outcome of the treatment.
  • 8. Equipment and Tools used in the Microblading Procedure: The practitioner will need to be completely familiar with all the tools required and how to use them and the techniques required. This module will ensure that the student will have the required knowledge (theory and practical) on using the equipment professionally and to the highest standard. The student will also be given a practical kit containing all the items used during the Microblading procedure.


  • The Course will last 2 Days (09:00 05:00) and will provide all the knowledge and skills to provide Microblading treatment. You will receive a manual and notebook for use during the course and the opportunity to ask questions relating to any of the modules is encouraged. The Trainer will ensure that you are fully trained in the knowledge and application of the treatment. There is also a support group that is available to you this provides the student practitioner will the knowledge that they are able to seek support and ask questions following the course which gives added confidence.
  • On successful completion each student will receive their certificate to state they have completed the course, and this is CPD accredited.