Bum & Hip Augmentation Course

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Course Description:
This course is for experienced practitioners looking further career in Aesthetic Practice and upweight
their skillset to increase their earning potential dramatically by adding the lucrative revenue stream of
Buttock Enhancement with Dermal Fillers to their portfolio. This treatment is one of the most requested in
With small class sizes and full focus on hands-on learning with live models, this course covers the
theoretical knowledge and practical administration of Buttock Filler with the purpose of adding more
volume, enhancing existing shape, for creation of curves, or deliver a subtle Buttock Lift and eradicate
hip dips. Our highly skilled tutors are equipped with years of knowledge to be able to provide you in
depth training of one of the most successful popular non-surgical approaches to buttock enhancing and
hip dip reduction.
To ensure you feel able to deliver treatments to an exceptional standard you gain in depth anatomical
knowledge of the buttock area, health, safety, and medical protocols. You will gain hands on experience
on how to create a heart shaped buttock, fullness and shape to buttocks and volume to eliminate hip dips
for a more perfect silhouette. You will also learn how to pair these treatments with other therapies to
maximise results for your clientele. We understand that learning a new skill can be daunting so full
ongoing support will be given after the training course is complete, with access to our WhatsApp Support
Group and relevant Dermal Filler products.

Health & Safety
Anatomy and Physiology
Consultation for patients
Treatment information
Mapping and contouring shape and definition
Indications for use and purpose
After care
Risks, side effects
Dealing with complications


Duration: 1 Day practical training with in depth theory
Entry Requirements: Foundation Dermal Filler

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