The Skins Healing Process – Phase 2

Phase 2: Defensive/Inflammatory Phase

Phase 1 was about the initial response to an injury or wound to clotting the blood (reducing blood flow from the wound) thus beginning the healing process.

Phase 2 is about cleansing and destroying any bacteria that is present in the wound.  This process can be seen in the following stages:

  • Neutrophils (white blood cells) enter the wound.
  • Their function to destroy bacteria and remove any debris.
  • Peak performance between 24-48 hours following initial injury or wound. (Decreasing to much lower levels after approximately 3 days)
  • Macrophages cells enter the area (white blood cells no longer present) – these facilitate growth (and continue to remove debris) whilst also carrying proteins. These act with the immune system cells to repair the damaged tissue.
  • This lasts approximately 4-6 days and may be accompanied or associated with pain and heat.
  • Oedema and erythema may also be noted (this is reddening of the skin)
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