Primary Vessels of the Head, Face and Neck

Primary vessels of the head, face, and neck:

  • Arteries: The paired arteries which supply the Head, Face and Neck are referred to as the:
  1. Common Carotid Arteries
  2. Vertebral Arteries


The common carotid artery arises from the brachiocephalic artery, while the left one arises directly from the aorta. The common carotid arteries divide into the internal and external carotid arteries. The vertebral arteries arise from the subclavian arteries which feed the aorta.

Veins – most of the blood draining from the head passes into 3 pairs of veins:

  1. Internal Jugular Vein – these combine with subclavian veins which then form the brachiocephalic veins.
  2. External Jugular Vein
  • Vertebral Veins

The latter 2 (External and Vertebral) feed into the subclavian veins.

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