Fitzpatrick Colour Theory


The Fitzpatrick Scale has become an extremely useful tool in the Aesthetics industry.  Initially developed to assess an individuals’ tolerance and reaction to sunlight (Thomas Fitzpatrick 1975 Harvard). It is now used to assess the response to facial treatments – it is also used by medical professionals to consider the risk of skin cancer.


The scale can and is used to assess the level of exposure to the sun for an individual, although not specific it does offer some guidance (although sunscreen is always recommended).  The scale also suggests that those with a darker skin are not susceptible to sunburn this is not necessarily the case.

From the evidence that is available it is known that those with a fairer skin are more prone to develop malignant melanomas (or other malignancies) those with darker skin (Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Asians or those of African American descent plus other groups) may not be as likely to experience these – however ALL groups should use sunscreen to ensure that exposure to the suns rays and damage is minimised.


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